One Shot

One Shot

One Shot begins in a parking lot, and someone was just ordered to kill a man. The gunshot rings loudly in the background as a wailing woman is dragged into the other car. The gunman then takes the dead body and drives away. A few minutes after, a man on a motorcycle stops by the area, looking for someone. Are these men connected to each other? What exactly is happening in this car lot? Continue Reading

Pasamontañas (Balaclava)


Pasamontañas (English: Balaclava) centers around Rocío, a young girl who enjoys playing with the girl next door and with her uncle. One night, her uncle drops by her house in a hurry to leave, but not before giving Rocío a teddy bear and his balaclava. In the succeeding days, the young girl starts playing new games with her new toys. Continue Reading

Fuera De Lugar (Out Of Place)

Fuera De Lugar

Fuera De Lugar (English: Out Of Place) centers on an old man dropped off by his daughter in a facility for the elderly. A sprightly young woman, who reveals herself as the director’s daughter, immediately takes an interest in him, and they soon develop a very close friendship. But a few things will come up to tear them apart. Will their relationship survive despite it all? Continue Reading