Fist of Jesus


Fist of Jesus is set at a time when the Son of Man walked upon the Earth. He is known to have preached the good news and do miracles, like multiplying fish and raising people from the dead. Many books have told of how Jesus saved the souls of many, many people, but they never quite talked about how he took care of the deadly zombie horde – until today.

This is simply a romp. This comedy slasher flick has incredibly gruesome gore, zombies, a killing Christ, and lots of fish. I suppose it can be rather controversial to some religious types, but this film is a really entertaining bloodbath. High tolerance is recommended – the gore is amazingly gross. Definitely not for the fainthearted.

(This is NSFW. This is also available with English subtitles on YouTube. Here’s another fun, gory film by the same directors. And here’s another film featuring zombies – this time, at a mall.)

Fist of Jesus, on Youtube


Directed by David Muñoz & Adrián Cardona

Film’s official website | Film’s Facebook page


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