(Free!) June 25 at the 2015 Festival De Cine Corto in Salamanca

En Directo


The 7th edition of the Festival De Cine Corto De Salamanca featured short films from Spanish-speaking directors on June 25, 2015 at the Plaza del Oeste in Salamanca, Spain for free.

Six films were shown on that day, including En Directo by Wenceslao Scyzoryk, Los Cachorros by Guillermo Magariños, and Un Lugar Mejor by Marina Crespo & Moisés Romera.


En Directo (Live, in English) is about a family with financial constraints. They thus agree to be filmed for a reality TV show on the day they are to be evicted from their house. Whether or not they’ll get what they dream for is something the whole world has to see.

Here’s a trailer for the short film. You can also view the clip on Vimeo. (Also, for more info about the film, you can check out the film’s official website.)


Los Cachorros (Only For Children, in English) is about 4 children playing one afternoon, away from the eyes of adults. After a while, playing with the ball gets boring, so they look for some other diversion to keep them occupied. A cat passes by, and the boys then decide to totally different game.

Here’s a teaser for the short film. The video may also be watched on Vimeo. (Also, check out the film’s Facebook page for more updates. The duo’s short films have also been featured on this site before.)


Un Lugar Mejor is about a group of young African youths. While hanging out, they talk of Europe, their dreams, and how the future will be for them.

Here’s a trailer for the short film. You may also view this on Vimeo. (Also, for more info on the directors’ projects, check out their website.)


The short films were screened for free at 10pm on June 25, 2015, Thursday. The venue was along Calle Granero, Plaza del Oeste in Salamanca, Spain.


Festival De Cine Corto (Salamanca)


The Festival De Cine Corto De Salamanca is a film festival that has been screening award-winning and notable Spanish and international short films since 2007. The Festival De Cine Corto in Salamanca ran from May 28, 2015 to July 9, 2015. Check out their Facebook page for more details and updates.


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