Estoy En Ello (I’m On It)

Estoy En Ello


Estoy En Ello (I’m On It, in English) is a short documentary about men and women who all seem to have experienced hopeless times. They’ve all gone through hardships, whether it be from having no jobs, getting involved with bad people, or just living in a very hard way. However, thanks to organizations like Cáritas, people like these are finding out that they, too, can continue working on themselves, and that they have bright futures ahead of them.

I personally felt very inspired watching the testimonies of the people featured here. Hearing their stories and knowing about the ways they have been striving to lift themselves up is very heartening. I’m glad, too, that there are organizations that provide free education and services to people who really need it. Oh, and I just love that little dedication in the end, which goes like this:

Este documental está dedicado especialmente a todos los que están en ello

(This is available in English and Spanish subtitles over at YouTube. Here’s a film about a man trying his best to provide for his family, too. And here’s another short documentary about a happy cyclist in Mexico.)


 Estoy En Ello, on YouTube


Directed by Jesús Del Caso

Director’s websiteProducers’ website




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