La Corona De Sofía (Sofía’s Crown)

La Corona de Sofía


La Corona de Sofía (Sofía’s Crown, in English) is a tale of a 21st century girl born to a monarchy. As many fairytales go, she is blessed as a baby with wishes by three fairies. She then goes about life, doing and experiencing many things. One day though, one of the fairies’ wishes comes true, and it may just change her life forever.

I found this film very interesting because of the many forms of art used here. I enjoyed the post-production work very much, especially with all the mixed media used. The story itself lends a curious and modern spin to fairytales, and it presents quite a turn of events in just 3 minutes.

(This is available with English subtitles on the Jameson Notodo Filmfest website. Here’s another live action & animation film about a happy princess. And here’s another film with stop motion animation about a cat’s life story.)

La Corona De Sofía, on the Jameson Notodo Filmfest website


Directed by Natalia Casali



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