Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina starts with a man preparing for dinner, as a news report on the radio tells of a murder story. When everything is ready, he calls Tin and Tina to come to eat. The two children sit down, but don’t touch the puree on their plates. Just as their father angrily tells them to eat up, he starts trashing about, and falls to the ground. Continue Reading

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negro

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre begins in a rather gloomy-looking house by the sea, where a girl seems to be fishing. Amidst the dark atmosphere in the house, a pregnant woman is assisted by another woman in black. After some wailing, blood is shed, screams are heard, and entrails are found trailing on the floor. Continue Reading

Jugando Con La Muerte (Playing With Death)

Jugando Con La Muerte

Jugando Con La Muerte (English: Playing With Death) begins with a rather eerie starts: a man dies while jogging at night. A name is crossed off a long list, and Eusebio Martín seems to be next. Meanwhile, an old man lives with his family, and is made to rest early on account of his cough. He’ll get an unexpected visitor in the night, and it is then that he starts to play with Death. Continue Reading



Alexia starts with a man looking over a girl’s Facebook. It’s her birthday today, but he’s seeing messages of people saying they miss her. A little later, his girlfriend pops up in chat, and asks how he’s doing. She then tells him to stop looking at his ex’s page, and tells him that whatever happened was not his fault. Is he guilty, though? Continue Reading

No Mires Ahí (Don’t Look There)

No Mires Ahi

No Mires Ahí (Don’t Look There, in English) starts with Irene, a little girl who loves and worries about her sick father. After some time, Marta, her sister, comes home to hear bad news: that her father has passed on. While talking to her mother about how Irene does not seem to be coping well with the loss, Marta starts to see visions in her bedroom. Continue Reading