Cantautor begins with a song. It seems interesting enough, but it does not sound quite complete yet. The two men struggle to finish the song before “they” need it, and they stumble along words and looking for someone to play the violin solo. With a few cigarettes, some drinks, an expectation for the phone to ring and a kidnapping, they attempt to complete a song that starts off with Turra, turrita.

This short film has a gritty feel to it, what with the darkness, the pitiful state of the two men’s room, and the honest desperation they both have. There is also something here about artistry, song writing, and music, but all that just seems to be a juxtaposition to the two men’s fiendish attempts to complete a song. All in all, Cantautor presents quite a mystery that involves the necessity of a violin soloist and a phone that never seems to ring.

(Cantautor is available on YouTube with and without English subtitles. Click here for another gritty film about a man stuck in a dark room. Click here for the story of another man who lures a woman to his own dark room. And click here for an experimental feature film about a man trying to complete a film.)

Cantautor, on Youtube (no subtitles)



Cantautor, on Youtube (English subtitles)


Directed by Emiliano Romero

Director’s website


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