Situación Idílica (Idyllic Situation)

Situación Idílica


Situación Idílica (Idyllic Situation, in English) is about a guy busy with work at the office. The boss enters his room, and his desk is filled with tons of paperwork. Distressed, he closes his eyes… and opens them to find his table magically clear of papers.

This film is pretty funny. It is short enough, but it is effective in its simplicity. I particularly like the man’s foray here into a snow-filled world. But seriously, if only work could go away just like that – beautiful. As always though, it’s just too good to be true.

(This is a silent film. It is also available on Vimeo. Here’s another film about a guy whose birthday wish comes true. And here’s a film about a guy who magically finds himself a date.)


Situación Idílica, on Vimeo


Directed by Jesús Alarcón


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