Nico Tiene Una Novia (Nico Has A Girlfriend)

Nico Tiene Una Novia


Nico Tiene Una Novia (Nico Has A Girlfriend, in English) is about a young man who is constantly pestered by his family about not having a girlfriend. Finally fed up of all the comments, he declares that he is, as a matter of fact, taking a date to the party. He ends up bringing a simple household toaster (yes, the one you toast bread with) to the event, but, for some reason, he finds a pretty girl instead of an appliance in the car.

This is one adorable film. It’s got a rather odd premise, but its simplicity adds to its charm. It also has lots of sparks, and it is overall a happy and feel-good movie. Oh, and please don’t forget that the walls (and appliances) have ears.

(This film is available with English subs as closed captions on YouTube. By the way, you might also be interested in this curious film about a smoke seller. Or what about this cute love story between two old people?)


Nico Tiene Una Novia, on YouTube


Directed by Daniel Zorrilla

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