El Rincón De Venezuela (The Venezuelan Corner)

El Rincon De Venezuela


El Rincón De Venezuela (English: The Venezuelan Corner) is about a Venezuelan family in America. After deciding to establish themselves in New York, they put up a small restaurant in the city. With little money coming in, cultural changes, and few friends, the family soon begins to argue among themselves and drift apart.

This award-winning film is centered around a family trying to survive in the Big Apple after fleeing their country, Venezuela, which was then ruled by Hugo Chavez. It’s difficult to see the immigrants struggle in an unknown yet “promised” land, but it’s very realistic, too. Overall, this movie is a touching and eye-opening experience that mixes in family drama, adapting to new cultures, and the cute Hispanic busboy. Also, it makes me crave for arepas.

Have you ever struggled with living among people of a different culture? I’ve been lucky to travel to different countries and places, and it can be difficult to connect to the locals when you don’t speak the native language. But, it’s almost always welcome when you find people from your own hometown there.

(El Rincón De Venezuela is available on YouTube in two parts with English subtitles. Click here for another film about an immigrant family. Click here for another family struggling to make ends meet. And click here for an Oscar-nominated feature-length film about immigrant siblings.)

Part 1: El Rincón De Venezuela (Part 1), on YouTube


Part 2: El Rincón De Venezuela (Part 2), on YouTube


Directed by Reyther Ortega

Official website


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