Miguelina begins on a hot day, where a group of religious folk are praying ardently for rain to fall upon their dry land. In the meantime, a small boy drops by to talk to Doña Miguelina, an old woman who passes the time making baskets. He tells her that his parents think that Don Jose, her husband, will never come back, while the other women in the village talk about how mysterious it is that the rain stopped falling when her husband left and she started weaving baskets. Continue Reading

El Regalo (The Gift)

El Regalo

El Regalo (English: The Gift) begins with some kids going to class. Today, a girl in a red jacket seems particularly reckless. After not greeting her teacher properly, she is sent to the principal’s office, though with a smile on her face. A boy who seems to look at her a little too closely soon follows suit, and they meet each other by the hallway just before the girl runs away, perhaps in hopes that he will follow. Continue Reading

La Tumba (The Tomb)

La Tumba

La Tumba (English: The Tomb) begins with a man in a clean, white jail. A few men come to visit him, asking him why he’s going on a hunger strike when he’s given food everyday. The man does not reply, so they tie him up and cover his eyes. Meanwhile, in another part of the facility, a man in a cell listens as a new inmate is brought in. Continue Reading

Guárdame Puesto (Save Me A Spot)

Guárdame Puesto

Guárdame Puesto (English: Save Me A Spot) starts out with a couple in a car. The lady is driving today, since the guy hurt his arm recently. While she may not be the best of drivers, she at least gets them safely into the mall’s parking lot. This is where their patience truly gets tested. Continue Reading

Presencia (Presence)


Presencia (Presence, in English) starts off with a woman, who may be in danger of a crime. However, a number of other people come in, and more questions than answers will be raised in the course of the night. Who wants to kill who? Who is the guy in the hoodie? What actually happened that night?

This actually is one film that keeps you guessing, and the actual answer for everything does not seem to be clear. Still, suspenseful in its own right, and definitely curious.

(This is available with English subtitles on Vimeo. This short film is by the same director, and also tackles a crime. Or what about this other film about a man stalking a woman?) Continue Reading