Diez Minutos (Ten Minutes)

Diez Minutos


Diez Minutos (Ten Minutes, in English) is a short film about a phone call between a customer service representative and her customer. What seems like a simple conversation ends up to be a thrilling ride into the desperation of a man wanting a phone number. A lot of words may be said, and a lot of feelings may be brought up. Either way, he only has 10 minutes.

Notably, this won the Goya Award for Best Fictional Short Film in 2004. It also pulls some heartstrings, plus it made me think about the info we willingly give up to a stranger’s picking. Moving and thought-provoking film.

(There’s an HD version of Diez Minutos available with no subtitles, but there’s one with English subtitles, too. Maybe you’d also be interested in this film of a heartbroken lady talking to a telemarketer? Or what about this film about a guy stuck in a phone box after a mysterious call?)


Diez Minutos (in HD, no subtitles), on Youtube


Diez Minutos (with English subtitles), on Youtube


Directed by Alberto Ruiz Rojo



Diez Minutos is a Spanish-language short film about a phone conversation between a call center agent and her brokenhearted customer. With English subtitles.


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