Como Dos Desconocidos (Like Two Strangers)

Como Dos Desconocidos


Como Dos Desconocidos (Like Two Strangers, in English) is about a guy meeting his ex at the mall. There’s awkwardness, shy smiles, and very few words, but you can tell that there’s still some sparks between these two. Or is there?

Definitely squee-worthy, this short film overall made me gush. It’s definitely just the kind of film to make you feel all warm inside on a day like Valentine’s Day. Or maybe one to make you hate everything and retreat to a corner to cry. It really depends on your relationship status, I suppose. Either way, this is pretty cute.

(This is available on YouTube, with English subtitles available as closed captions. Then again, maybe you’d prefer a love story involving geeks? Or have you been pushed into the horrible place that is the friendzone?)

Como Dos Desconocidos, on YouTube

Directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo

Director’s website



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