La Fábula del Dibujante (The Fable of a Cartoonist)

La Fabula Del Dibujante


La Fábula del Dibujante (The Fable of a Cartoonist, in English) is a sweet short film that features a lonely man who draws, for a living, comics about heroes, villains, and blonde girls. As the days go by, he soon begins to look for inspiration, and somehow finds it in the form of a young woman. Whether or not he’ll get what he’s looking for is something we’ll have to see.

The story here is told not just with internal dialogue, since a kind of animation finds its way within this short’s frames. I also had to shed a tear for this one, especially with that end note: “You don’t have to be a hero to save someone.” Lovely.

(This is available on Vimeo with English subtitles. Looking for more geek? Check out this short film featuring a video game geek’s love story, and this other film that may or may not have time travel involved.)


La Fábula del Dibujante, on Vimeo


Directed By Paloma Zapata

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La Fábula del Dibujante is a Spanish short film about a comic book artist looking for inspiration. With English subtitles.


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