Las Olas Del Tiempo

Las Olas Del Tiempo


Las Olas Del Tiempo starts with a young girl happily playing by the beach. She then stops by an old shack, where she sees something that greatly saddens her. With a heavy heart, she runs across the beach, with her footsteps well-marked in the sand. After a while, she looks towards the waves, and takes a step back. A surprising thing happens, and she gladly retraces her steps.

This short film uses no dialogue, but it conveys quite a heavy message. It’s difficult enough for a young girl to process such an unlikely event, but it must be a heart-breaking process to try and stop that thing from happening. This film is a little sweet, a little bitter, and quite sad. Simple, beautiful, and touching.

If I were given the chance to change something in my past, I’m not quite sure if I would take it. I’ve felt pain and sadness, yes, but I think they helped me change my character for the better. What about you? If you had the opportunity to go back in time to change something, would you do it?

(Las Olas Del Tiempo is available on YouTube. Click here for the journey of a girl accepting her mother’s death. Click here for the story of a man trying to accept his loss.)

Las Olas Del Tiempo, on YouTube


Directed by Carlos Salcés


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