La Huida (The Runaway)

La Huida


La Huida (The Runaway, in English) is about a moment. Or, rather, a series of moments that may or may not have any connection with each other. There’s talk of a piece of gum, a stop light, a soda can… And who knows that else. What exactly is this film talking about? Why is there a man running with a brief case? Does any of this make sense at all?

This is actually an award-winning film with too many details, and, yet, with not enough of them. It’s actually a pretty cute mystery flick, with lovely cinematography, great music, and a fun narrator. All in all, it’s beautifully made and quite a genius film. Full disclosure: this is one of my favorite short films ever.

(This is available with English subtitles and some Spanish captions on Vimeo and YouTube. Here’s another film with an interesting narrator. Speaking of my personal favorites, have you checked out my personal picks lately?



La Huida, on Vimeo


La Huida is also available on YouTube, with Spanish subtitles available in closed captions.


Directed by Víctor Carrey

Director’s website


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