La Leyenda Del Espantapájaros (The Legend of the Scarecrow)

La Leyenda Del Espantapájaros


La Leyenda Del Espantapájaros (The Legend of the Scarecrow, in English) starts off with a scarecrow. He seems to be friendly enough, but the birds just can’t see that. However, one day, a wounded crow tells him the reason why he is constantly rejected. He then thinks of talking to his boss, the farmer. Maybe he can have a new job instead and finally get friends. Maybe.

This is an award-winning, heart-breaking animated film of a scarecrow amidst a world of unfriendly birds and fearful masters. It’s quite dark, as most fairytales originally are. Nevertheless, it is tear-jerking, haunting, and beautiful.

(This is available with and without English subtitles. Here’s another animated film about a curious town with curious events. And this one is about a fairytale born from real life.)


The Legend of the Scarecrow, on Vimeo (no subtitles)


La Leyenda Del Espantapájaros, on Youtube (English subtitles)


Directed by Carlos Lascano

Director’s website


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