Los Niños

Los Niños

Los Niños starts with a guy and a girl in a cinema. They poke fun at the films they have watched, and settle in before the movie starts. We then see the same couple in an apartment they share, and they are getting ready to go out. They will leave as soon as she’s done with the pregnancy test. Watch now

Un Juego Absurdo

Un Juego Absurdo

Un Juego Absurdo starts with a guy talking about distances and desires. After all, he seems to have taken a liking to a pretty girl in the party. He goes over his thoughts with an occasional word towards the audience, and constantly wonders whether or not he should do anything to get the girl. Will he win in the end? Watch now

Frikis (Nerds)


Frikis (Nerds, in English) is about a guy who plays video games and a girl who watches Disney movies. With the film set in the backdrop of a talk show, the two relate their love story. It sounds like a typical relationship, wherein two people meet randomly, fall in love, and get into petty arguments. Just how will they fare? Are they meant to be together for a long, long time? Who wants to hear about Battletoads or Street Fighter facts anyway? Watch now

La Fábula del Dibujante (The Fable of a Cartoonist)

La Fabula Del Dibujante

La Fábula del Dibujante (The Fable of a Cartoonist, in English) is a sweet short film that features a lonely man who draws, for a living, comics about heroes, villains, and blonde girls. As the days go by, he soon begins to look for inspiration, and somehow finds it in the form of a young woman. Whether or not he’ll get what he’s looking for is something we’ll have to see.

The story here is told not just with internal dialogue, since a kind of animation finds its way within this short’s frames. I also had to shed a tear for this one, especially with that end note: “You don’t have to be a hero to save someone.” Lovely.

(This is available on Vimeo with English subtitles. Looking for more geek? Check out this short film featuring a video game geek’s love story, and this other film that may or may not have time travel involved.) Watch now