Anochecer (Nightfall)



Anochecer (English: Nightfall) is set in a young man’s bedroom. He’s having a friend sleep over tonight, and they just prepared the extra bed he could sleep on. However, his friend seems to look at him a little too closely, but he doesn’t notice it. They get ready for bed and turn off the light, but his friend just can’t fall sleep.

This is a short film that tells the story more with little actions and music than with words. There’s something about the close up shots, the little inhales, and the background music that just ties together to bring quite an intimate look at the relationship between the two teens. There’s also the hesitation of taking that first step, and the fear of rejection in doing so. All in all, this is a beautiful film reminiscent of the ways we try to inch ourselves closer to the ones we love.

It may seem like nothing much is happening here, but I personally can remember how it feels like to say so much with just a simple touch of the hand. What about you? What do you think of the two? Have you ever felt the same for someone?

(Anochecer is available on YouTube with English, French, and Spanish subtitles in closed captions. Click here for a story about a teenage boy falling for his best friend.  Click here for a film about a school girl who may just be crushing on one of her female classmates.)

Anochecer, on YouTube


Directed by Lucas Mac Dougall


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  1. “Anochecer” is a work of genius – many faceted, the work of many hands, all under the direction of a superior film maker. It is a landmark, benchmark film,.

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