Ante La Araña (In Front Of The Spider)

Ante La Araña

Ante La Araña (English: In Front Of The Spider) begins with a woman named Caterina. She’s just about to start writing, when something catches her attention on the ceiling above. After taking care of it hesitatingly, she hears the summon of a bell. She brings the tray to the old woman in bed, to whom she relates that she just killed a spider. The old woman laughs, and reminds her of how she herself locked her daughter with a plastic spider whenever she was naughty. Watch now

La Mano De La Muerte (Hand of Death)

La Mano De La Muerte

La Mano De La Muerte (Hand of Death, in English) is about a man who seems to be running from a death-like character. As he moves about, he encounters a number of scenes that he may just be familiar with. With the play of light, symbols, and a woman’s presence, the man realizes that he has not escaped something he had hoped to leave behind. Watch now