Recuerda (Remember)



Recuerda (Remember, in English) has an interesting premise. It starts off with a young woman going about her daily business, when she suddenly realizes that she has forgotten an important birthday. She then asks herself a lot of questions, and is overwhelmed by having no answers. This goes on until she meets someone who makes her remember what’s truly important.

This short film seems very relevant today, especially since a lot of people are easily caught up by their fast-paced lives (and being, according to them, in their “quater-life crisis”). This is a welcome opportunity for people to look carefully at the life they have so far lived, and it will make them ask themselves if that is just the kind of life they’d like to continue living. Great food for thought.

(This may be viewed on YouTube with English subtitles available in closed captions. Here’s another film about breaking from routine, although with stop-animation features. Or what about this other film that’s full of commentary on society today?)


Recuerda, on YouTube

Directed by Carlos De Cozar

Director’s website



Recuerda is a Spanish-language short film about a young lady, a forgotten birthday, and an existential crisis.


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