Lucía begins with a girl’s whispered voice telling a story. As she tells her story, we are shown a room with various fixtures. Slowly, as she talks of her life and of Luis, shadowy figures appear on the walls, and the things in the room move as if by their own will. Continue Reading

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negro

Violeta, La Pescadora Del Mar Negre begins in a rather gloomy-looking house by the sea, where a girl seems to be fishing. Amidst the dark atmosphere in the house, a pregnant woman is assisted by another woman in black. After some wailing, blood is shed, screams are heard, and entrails are found trailing on the floor. Continue Reading

A Lifestory

A Lifestory

Told with an original score and scenic animations, A Lifestory features a cat that goes on an adventure in space. This cat will have to say goodbye to its home, but it will meet odd creatures, interesting new things, and a dream to be fulfilled. Notably, this beautiful 4-minute silent film was nominated for a Goya. Continue Reading