Ministro (Minister)



Ministro (Minister, in English) starts with a man and a birthday gift. It was given by his daughter, who he plans to pick up after school along with his wife. The man seems happy as he puts down the phone, but he is apologetic towards the semi-naked woman in his office. She merely stares at the politician, who then receives an intriguing message.

This is a great film. Every scene lends to the tension in the movie, and each line is used with careful caution and impact. Great storytelling here, and the cinematography is also just as good. I guess the moral of this story is that you can never quite hide your tracks as well as you think. Also, to corrupt politicians: beware the vigilante.

(This is available on YouTube with English subtitles. Here’s another film about a corrupt man. And here’s a short film featuring the lovely Ingrid García, the woman in Ministro.)


Ministro, on YouTube


Directed by Víctor Cerdán


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