Yo Antes Era Bella (I Used To Be Beautiful)

Yo Antes Era Bella


Yo Antes Era Bella (I Used To Be Beautiful, in English) is about an old woman talking about her younger days. She talks especially of how everyone thought of her as beautiful, and how she acted in response: from loves, to (non)friendships, to drama. She looks back, and wonders about what she sees.

This film is essentially about a lady reminiscing about, and maybe desiring for, the good old days. It has a few rants here and a few rambles there, but it’s all about the experiences and pains of not anymore being young and beautiful. I guess, at a certain age, you get too tired to care, and nostalgia by then will be both your best friend and worst enemy.

(This is available with and without English or Spanish subtitles on Vimeo and YouTube. Here’s a film about an old couple trying something new – Kama Sutra positions. And here’s a film about an old woman and a cow.)


Yo Antes Era Bella, on YouTube (no subtitles)


Yo Antes Era Bella, on Vimeo (English subtitles)


Yo Antes Era Bella is also available with Spanish subtitles over at YouTube.


Directed by Alberto Rivas

Director’s website


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