Mi Amigo Invisible (My Invisible Friend)

Mi Amigo Invisible


Mi Amigo Invisible (English: My Invisible Friend) is about Tomas, a very shy guy. He spends a lot of time not speaking to anyone in general, and living his routine life. One day, while his parents are away, he suddenly encounters Andy, his so-called “invisible friend”. This “friend” proves to be a reliable one that never quite leaves his side. How will Tomas deal with it?

This short film is a fun look into the life of a very quiet boy who loves to keep to himself. It also has the backdrop of a throwback photo – from the old-school console games, to a grainy kind of quality famous in the old days, to the appearance of Tomas’s invisible friend. It’s a lovely look into the life and realizations of a guy who realizes that he may just need some friends in his life. Beautiful and feel-good.

Have you ever had a hard time making friends at a place? When I was very young, my parents moved abroad. It was hard for me to fit in at first, especially since a lot of classmates didn’t understand my language, but I eventually adapted after a while. All it takes is a little courage, I suppose.

(Mi Amigo Invisible is available with English subtitles on Vimeo and YouTube. Click here for a story of a wolf making the unlikeliest of friends. Click here for a short film that proves that friendship is just marvelous.)

Mi Amigo Invisible, on Vimeo


Mi Amigo Invisible is also available on YouTube.



Directed by Pablo Larcuen

Director’s website


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