El Columpio (The Merry Go Round)

El Columpio

In El Columpio (English: The Merry Go Round), a man and a woman are waiting for the train in a deserted station. Through their thoughts, we find out that they seem interested in one another, despite being complete strangers. They try to show their intent, but their signals seem to be misread. Will they ever be able to share their feelings for one another? Continue Reading

Vejado En El Tiempo

Vejado En El Tiempo

Vejado En El Tiempo starts out with a man making out with a woman in the street. He invites her to his place shortly after, and after some time in bed, she expresses her dissatisfaction over his performance. Shortly after, we are brought back to the first scene, where the two were making out in the street, and it progresses up until the woman yet again expresses her dissatisfaction. This continues and repeats until the woman ends up begging him for more. One day, however, he bumps into a special girl, a girl who can do the same thing he can. Continue Reading

Las Piedras No Flotan (Rocks Don’t Float)

Las Piedras No Flotan

Las Piedras No Flotan centers on a man named Pedro. After his girl left him for an Italian swimmer, Pedro is determined to show her just how manly he is – by swimming across the Río de la Plata. His plan may be hindered by the presence of a news crew and the coast guard, but he’ll get her back, even if he knows that rocks don’t float. Continue Reading



Anónimos is set in the beautiful, labyrinthine city of Venice, Italy. Among the many people in the city, two people, in particular, are trying to find their way to each other. With only a cellphone to connect them, the two must navigate together through many bridges and landmarks, even though they’re both not very familiar with the area. Continue Reading

Diez Años Después (Ten Years After)

Diez Años Después

Diez Años Después (English: Ten Years After) is set on an ordinary day. One woman pulls out a cigarette to smoke, and a man almost immediately offers her a light. After a few minutes of silence, the two finally face each other and talk about how they’ve been smoking together for a long, long time. Continue Reading