Ciudad Huacal (Huacal City)

Ciudad Huacal

Ciudad Huacal (Huacal City, in English) is a documentary about boxes. More specifically, it is about the wooden crates that go through a supply center in Mexico City. With these huacal (or guacal) being used everyday, the men in this facility never run out of work, and in this film, they are seen buying, selling, and repairing these wooden containers. Continue Reading

El Marqués

El Marqués

El Marqués is a short film about a backpacker on the way to Mexico City. In his travels, he passes through El Marqués, a town in Quéretaro, Mexico. For some reason, he takes up the interest of a random stranger, and is taken places he did not initially expect to find himself in.

This short film is foreboding, right from the very start. (“Reports of murder and kidnapping on the outskirts… have been steadily increasing…”) It also features some kind of criminal activity, and we helplessly look at things unfold in the eyes of a (seemingly) innocent man. Simple story-telling, yet great impact.

(English subtitles are available as closed captions here. Curious about another film featuring a man with a shady lifestyle? Or how about this film involving a weird kind of murder?) Continue Reading