La Boca Del León (The Lion’s Mouth)

La Boca Del Leon


La Boca Del León (The Lion’s Mouth, in English) is about a desperate man who messed around with the dark arts. However, something seemed to go wrong with his rituals, and he calls up a priest for guidance. The priest, seeing that the man might just be possessed by an evil spirit, then tries to perform an exorcism via smart phone. Whether or not he succeeds is something we’ll have to find out from the found video footage.

Moreover, just to add background, here’s a synopsis provided by the producers:

A strong depression devoted itself to Mr. Montalvo to live haunted by the world of the dead. But this macabre game has gone too far. Just one last call for help could be his salvation.

True, the premise sounds odd, but the video snippets and shaky camera usage lends an interesting, yet quite realistic, view on the whole thing. Curious in itself; I personally can hardly imagine a priest making an exorcism to a phone’s screen. Short in its four minutes, but really quite disturbing in its entirety.

(This is available in HD and with English subtitles over at Vimeo. In the mood for more horror? Here’s another film about a dad and daughter out on a seemingly innocent car trip. This other film has great yet terrible imagery about the abuse a family has undergone.)


La Boca Del León, on Vimeo


Directed by Alfonso Garcia

Producer’s website



La Boca Del León is a Spanish-language short film about a desperate man calling a priest, who performs an exorcism via phone. With English subtitles.


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