Un Juego Absurdo

Un Juego Absurdo


Un Juego Absurdo starts with a guy talking about distances and desires. After all, he seems to have taken a liking to a pretty girl in the party. He goes over his thoughts with an occasional word towards the audience, and constantly wonders whether or not he should do anything to get the girl. Will he win in the end?

This 1970s style short film has been done very well. It is interesting to see the guy as he shifts to different points of views, and tries to talk himself in and out of doing something to talk to the lady. The internal (and external) debate is quite entertaining, and it’s amusing to see little gags here and there – especially when he talked about cashmere and vests. Overall, it’s pretty great view into the doubts we all must have had about approaching someone interesting.

I know what it feels like to wonder about whether or not I should approach a person I’m interested in. There’s always doubts, and, of course, the fear of rejection. Still, taking that first step is all that’s needed. What about you? Have you ever been afraid to approach a person you like?

(Un Juego Absurdo is available with English and French subtitles on YouTube, and on Vimeo. Click here for another film about love and relationships, featuring once more Martín Piroyansky. Click here for another retro-looking short film about an invisible friend. And click here for a feature-length comedy film about a man following a special Basque girl.)

Un Juego Absurdo, on YouTube 


Un Juego Absurdo is also available with English subtitles on Vimeo.


Directed by Gastón Rothschild

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