Elefante centers around Manuel, a man who doesn’t seem too happy with his current life situation. He lives a monotonous life of work, playing squash with a friend he hates, and going home to a family that doesn’t pay much attention to him. One day, however, he is diagnosed with a rare disease, one that will turn him into an elephant.

This short film is a touching story about a tired man who gets a very sudden change in his life. As humorous as the idea of a man turning into an elephant could be, this movie brings in a tinge of reality that is almost heartbreaking to see. Not only do we see a man trying to adapt to his new appearance, but we also see a man who can lose everything when he has very little. All in all, this is sweet, a little funny, and beautiful.

I can imagine that there are a number of people out there who have experienced what Manuel here has been tired of: a dead-end job, having few to no friends, and not being appreciated by a family. I certainly have, at a few points in my life. What about you? Have you felt the misery Manuel was going through day by day? What would you tell Manuel if you had the chance?

(Elefante is available with English subtitles on Vimeo and YouTube. Click here for a film about a man who, one day, gets a sudden change too: that of becoming a superhero. Click here for a film where everyone seems to be tired of working. And click here for a Goya-winning feature-length film about a couple of men seem to have the worst of luck, too.)

Elefante, on Vimeo


Elefante is also available on YouTube.


Directed by Pablo Larcuen

Film’s Facebook page | Director’s website


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