Bonus Track

Bonus Track


Bonus Track starts with a man who has some kind of superpowers. He talks about how, one day, he was walking down the street with his girl. All of a sudden, an odd man attacked him, bit his hand, and ran away. After having a bad night, he woke up feeling different – feeling much, much better. And so, a new superhero was born.

This short film is very amusing. I love how it features a very ordinary-looking superhero, a man with powers that are indeed (not so) unique in the world. It also pokes a little fun at the superheroes of the movies and TV shows, while providing a different kind of hero that we may or may not need in this world. I particularly enjoyed the team Man-Man formed; it’s one of the best (and funniest) combinations of hero teams out there.

What about you? If you had to pick a superpower, what would you choose? I used to always think that I’d love having invisibility, but having the power to will away laziness and procrastination forever is something I’d welcome any day.

(Bonus Track is available with English subtitles on YouTube. Click here for a film about a little boy wishing for a special power. Click here to watch a NSFW film that shows the true power of Jesus’ fist.)

Bonus Track, on YouTube


Directed by Álvaro Beltrán


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