El Columpio (The Merry Go Round)

El Columpio

In El Columpio (English: The Merry Go Round), a man and a woman are waiting for the train in a deserted station. Through their thoughts, we find out that they seem interested in one another, despite being complete strangers. They try to show their intent, but their signals seem to be misread. Will they ever be able to share their feelings for one another? Continue Reading

Historia De Un Letrero (The Story Of A Sign)

Historia De Un Letrero

Historia De Un Letrero is set on an ordinary day at an ordinary park. The usual sights can be seen: playing children, people passing through, and the occasional beggar. On this particular day, a blind man is sitting in a spot with a simple sign asking for alms. He will soon be spotted by a man in a suit, who is about to do something special that will change the way people will see the poor man. Continue Reading