Lucía begins with a girl’s whispered voice telling a story. As she tells her story, we are shown a room with various fixtures. Slowly, as she talks of her life and of Luis, shadowy figures appear on the walls, and the things in the room move as if by their own will. Watch now

Sangre De Unicornio (Unicorn Blood)

Unicorn Blood

Sangre De Unicornio (English: Unicorn Blood) is a curious animated film that starts with two unicorns. They talk about how important unicorns are to the world. Meanwhile, two teddy bears go off hunting for the best game. After all, unicorns have such soft flesh and the most delicious blueberry-flavored blood. Watch now

El Ladrón De Caras

El Ladron De Caras

El Ladrón De Caras starts with a lady bringing a special file to a private investigator. The detective looks over the photos, and sees how the faces of people were missing in them. The woman then shows the man how she, too, was attacked, and how she could just be the next victim. The man decides to take her under his wing and put a stop to it all. Watch now



Elefante centers around Manuel, a man who doesn’t seem too happy with his current life situation. He lives a monotonous life of work, playing squash with a friend he hates, and going home to a family that doesn’t pay much attention to him. One day, however, he is diagnosed with a rare disease, one that will turn him into an elephant. Watch now

Por La Mañana (In The Morning)

Por La Mañana

Por La Mañana (English: In The Morning) is about a woman and a man. The woman, Ana, lovingly cuddles up to her guy, Julio, while in bed, up until he gets ready for leaving. She then looks over the things he needs for the trip, and finds something in his suitcase that disturbs her. What exactly could it mean? Watch now