Juan Con Miedo (Fearful John)

Juan Con Miedo


Juan Con Miedo (Fearful John, in English) is about a boy meeting a curious girl, who tells him about a creepy legend involving a scarecrow. That they enter the old haunted house (while relating the story) in order to escape a seemingly scarier fate just adds to the chills that this tale gives. Whether or not Juan/John will match up to his namesake from the Grimm Brothers’ stories is something we’ll have to see.

What is interesting about this is that a number of elements here are odd in themselves, but it seems to justify that fact may just be, well, stranger than fiction. Besides this, it also shows how children are in their fearfulness, bravery, and simplicity. Great film.

(This one’s available on YouTube with no subtitles, though on Vimeo, it has English subs. In the mood for another scary short film, this time involving Mamá? Or how about another short film about the legend of a different kind of scarecrow?)

Juan Con Miedo, on Youtube (no subtitles)


Juan Con Miedo, on Vimeo (with English subtitles)


Directed by Daniel Romero

Official website



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  1. Glad to see the Spanish speakers cinmemtong here! For the English speakers (and Italian, Madarin and Japanese) there’s subtitles via the CC option in the player menu (lower right corner triangle button). Sorry for any confusion.

    • Thanks for the tip, Mariela! That is actually very helpful for users who are not aware that they can change the default closed captions language in the YouTube player.

      Thanks to recent YouTube changes though, the option to change languages for the captions is now in the gear icon. Still, thanks for the comment!

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