La Mosca

La Mosca


La Mosca starts off with a man furiously typing away on a typewriter. He’s working on his novel, his life’s work. As the night goes by, he reminisces his life, his love, and his pain. Soon, he tires. Just as he is about to drift to sleep, a fly comes into the motel room, and it seems to want nothing more than to keep him awake.

This is quite a funny film. It does, however, feature some deep talk, as well as scenic effects and interesting surprises. However, to be forever haunted by an (annoying) presence seems to be among the worst ways to spend eternity.

(This is available on YouTube, with English subtitles in closed captions. Here’s another film about a man looking for inspiration for his writing. And here’s a film about scary insects arthropods.)

La Mosca, on YouTube


Directed by Andoni Garrido Fernández

Director’s website


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