En El Mismo Equipo (On The Same Team)

En El Mismo Equipo


En El Mismo Equipo (On The Same Team, in English) is about the mixed feelings of a young rugby player. He tries to keep in the secret that he is gay, due to conformity mostly, but he struggles with it almost everyday. He longs to be free, but what exactly is freedom to the young man? He isn’t so sure himself.

This is a touching story about a person who feels that he stuck in the life he has, and is thus crying out for freedom. It’s quite an emotional ride, although quite anchored in reality, too. It’s sweet, but also a little sad. A moving film.

(This is available in HD on YouTube with English subtitles. Here’s another film about another young, gay sportsman. And what about this lovable short film about Paco?)


En El Mismo Equipo, on YouTube


Directed by Bonzo VillegasCarlos Vilaró Nadal

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