Rara Avis (Rare Bird)

Rara Avis

Rara Avis (English: Rare Bird) centers on a woman running in the desert. It seems like an ordinary enough day, until she encounters a man in black. She’ll try to run away, only to find herself transported into a totally different place. Who is the man in black? Why is she trying to run away? What does it all mean? Continue Reading



Autoestima revolves around a teen girl who lives an ordinary life, although a dark persona follows her wherever she goes. This dark shadow creeps up to her and erodes her self-esteem with observations about her body image, her friendships, and her life in general. One day, she’ll have enough of it, and will just try to fight back. Continue Reading

Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina

Tin & Tina starts with a man preparing for dinner, as a news report on the radio tells of a murder story. When everything is ready, he calls Tin and Tina to come to eat. The two children sit down, but don’t touch the puree on their plates. Just as their father angrily tells them to eat up, he starts trashing about, and falls to the ground. Continue Reading

La Mirada Circular (The Circular Glance)

La Mirada Circular

La Mirada Circular (English: The Circular Glance) begins with a family preparing for a beach trip: the kids are playing around, the mom is getting the food ready, and the dad is packing the stuff in the car. On the beach, as the parents relax, the two siblings enjoy the waves and walk along the shore. When they head back, they notice something odd. Where have their parents gone? Why are there odd men hanging about? Why are they being told to run? Continue Reading

Presencia (Presence)


Presencia (Presence, in English) starts off with a woman, who may be in danger of a crime. However, a number of other people come in, and more questions than answers will be raised in the course of the night. Who wants to kill who? Who is the guy in the hoodie? What actually happened that night?

This actually is one film that keeps you guessing, and the actual answer for everything does not seem to be clear. Still, suspenseful in its own right, and definitely curious.

(This is available with English subtitles on Vimeo. This short film is by the same director, and also tackles a crime. Or what about this other film about a man stalking a woman?) Continue Reading