El Imaginario Y Su Túnel

El Imaginario Y Su Túnel


El Imaginario Y Su Túnel is a documentary about the underground tunnels in the town of Ures in Sonora, Mexico. Legend has it that these tunnels have existed for a number of different reasons: war, migration, defense. However, very few today can lay claim of even seeing these tunnels, and many are afraid to even look for them. Are the tunnels real, or are they a mere figment of the town’s imagination?

This is a curious documentary about a curious topic: underground tunnels that have never been proven true, yet have long lived in the memory of the townsfolk. With beautiful cinematography and interesting narratives, this documentary attempts to piece together a mystery long unsolved. Beautiful, extraordinary, and somewhat illusory.

I was more than a little touched by this wondrous story, but also a little disappointed by how it ends. Nevertheless, my heart holds a small hope in these secret tunnels the natives themselves believe in. What about you? What are your thoughts about the tunnels of Ures?

(El Imaginario Y Su Túnel is available on Vimeo and YouTube with and without English and French subtitles. Click here for another beautifully shot documentary about Uruguayan fishermen. Click here to listen to stories about people who’ve lost hope but are not quite giving up. And click here for a feature-length documentary about the current drug-related struggles of Mexican and Latinos in the Americas.)

El Imaginario Y Su Túnel, on YouTube (no subtitles)


El Imaginario Y Su Túnel is also available on Vimeo without subtitles, with English subtitles, and with French subtitles.


Directed by Javier Niño Barrios

Producers’ website | Film’s FB page


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