Ella is a short film about a man falling in love with a woman. He casually meets her at the gym, and from then on, is heels over head for the lady. He sees her regularly, watches her videos, and suddenly finds that there’s another man involved. The way things devolve is quietly foreboding, with a nice little twist at the end.

I love how the story is told through the man’s perspective, plus with plenty of snippets that kept me absorbed. I honestly didn’t expect things to turn out as so. Great storytelling for a supposedly simple story-turned-suspense flick.

(This one is available on YouTube with English subtitles as closed captions. Here’s another film you might like about a stalker obsessed over a celebrity. And here’s an LGBT film about a shy stalker and his beau.)


Ella, on Youtube


Directed by Reynaldo Cantú

Director’s MySpace


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