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Paseo starts on a cold day. One man, a poet, is preparing a cigarette. Another man comes to him and asks him for one too, but the first man says it’s the last one he has. They share the cigarette instead, and speak little. They then notice the man crying behind them, who says he’s sad as he was never able to confess to a woman. The poet then comes up with a plan that may involve his lighter and a few carefully chosen words. Continue Reading

La Culpa (Guilt)

La Culpa

La Culpa (Guilt, in English) starts off with a man getting happy news: his wife just told him that she’s pregnant. As he joyously spreads the news to his friend on the phone, a man with his wife’s purse runs past him. He hurries to his wife, who was by then lying dead on the ground. Grief-stricken, he plans revenge on the murderer. Continue Reading