El Purgatorio De Dante

El Purgatorio De Dante

El Purgatorio De Dante is about Dante, a man living in splendor. One day, he gets an unexpected guest, one who tells him that he only has a little more time to live. Dante laughs it off as a crazy scheme, but as the visitor tells him of the vile secrets only very few know, he begins to worry about how his last few hours will go. Watch now

Estoy En Ello (I’m On It)

Estoy En Ello

Estoy En Ello (I’m On It, in English) is a short documentary about men and women who all seem to have experienced hopeless times. They’ve all gone through hardships, whether it be from having no jobs, getting involved with bad people, or just living in a very hard way. However, thanks to organizations like Cáritas, people like these are finding out that they, too, can continue working on themselves, and that they have bright futures ahead of them. Watch now

En El Mismo Equipo (On The Same Team)

En El Mismo Equipo

En El Mismo Equipo (On The Same Team, in English) is about the mixed feelings of a young rugby player. He tries to keep in the secret that he is gay, due to conformity mostly, but he struggles with it almost everyday. He longs to be free, but what exactly is freedom to the young man? He isn’t so sure himself. Watch now