La Culpa (Guilt)

La Culpa


La Culpa (Guilt, in English) starts off with a man getting happy news: his wife just told him that she’s pregnant. As he joyously spreads the news to his friend on the phone, a man with his wife’s purse runs past him. He hurries to his wife, who was by then lying dead on the ground. Grief-stricken, he plans revenge on the murderer.

This multi-awarded movie will amaze and confuse you, even though it’s less than 13 minutes. Not only does it talk about a man’s his desire for revenge, but it also does a great representation of the guilt that comes with committing a murder. The looping, spiraling staircase and the repeated entry to the apartment do well to portray how it may feel like when you’re trapped in a moral dilemma. Overall, brilliant film.

By the way, the director also made a video of the behind the scenes for this film. Check it out on YouTube or on Vimeo.

(This is available on Vimeo and YouTube, with subtitles in many languages for an international audience. Here’s another thriller film about a possibly guilty politician. And here’s a film about a photojournalist who may or may not feel guilt over his controversial photo.)

La Culpa, on Vimeo (English subtitles)


La Culpa, on YouTube (subtitles in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian)


Directed by David Victori

Director’s website



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